Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tyler's Back!

An anonymous, reliable source reports to the Two Johns that Tyler Hamilton will race at the USA Pro Cycling Championships in Greenville, SC the first weekend of September. Unknown to us is whether he will do road race, tt, or both. Stay tuned...


Steve said...

How can Tyler race without a team? As far as I understand it, he can race, but Tinkoff canned him. Doesn't seem like USPro is a race where "unattached" riders can jump in.

John said...

From what I understand Tyler is negotiating the terms of his suspension/firing from Tinkoff. Tinkoff has given him permission to do the race. There is another Tinkoff rider who may get US citizenship and who may do the race with him.

Patty said...

"There is another Tinkoff rider who may get US citizenship and who may do the race with him."

LOL - you cant just get instant citizenship here in the US to do a race.

Anonymous said...

Actually, you can get U.S. citizenship quickly if you have enough money I suppose, or maybe he's been working on it for years like the rest of us illegals and it's finally coming through now. :p

Anonymous said...

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