Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ahead Set

Friday evening John (Charlotte) attended a scultpure unveiling event. The sculpture was commissioned by a German living locally. He commissioned David Cerny, a Czech born artist for an installation in the public plaza. It was a big social event with a dramtic unveiling.

And the drama was not anticlamactic as the work itself is extraordinary. What the photo does not show is the kinetic feature of this- each of those horizontal striations is free to rotate, giving the work multiple configurations and orientations. The event was capped a live performance by the band The Plastic People of the Universe. A band that did hard time under the Czechslovokian regime and was an inspiration to the leaders of the Velvet Revolution that made the Czech Republic democratic nation. I know- not exactly cycling related, but none the less interesting.


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YOu two need to read this. You could do an entire show with this single article:

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