Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Moving on... visit our NEW BLOG

We've moved the blog to the NEW BLOG (click here) at

Same content, same podcast, same waste of time. We'll miss you old blog.

Monday, September 24, 2007

le Tour

The time: 2005 last day of the Tour de France. The place: the street next to the Hotel Crillion 1 block off of the place de la Concorde. We are partying our brains out after 2+ weeks on the road working for VeloSport taking clients around France on their bikes when who walks by?? None other than John Kerry sporting a diminutive aide and a Livestrong bracelet. My drunken French co-workers delayed him for a few minutes while we all got our pictures taken. The woman in red is my friend Eddy's wife. Eddy Cordier is a northern France BMX and road super star. I wonder what Sebastian (on his right) is saying to him...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ahead Set

Friday evening John (Charlotte) attended a scultpure unveiling event. The sculpture was commissioned by a German living locally. He commissioned David Cerny, a Czech born artist for an installation in the public plaza. It was a big social event with a dramtic unveiling.

And the drama was not anticlamactic as the work itself is extraordinary. What the photo does not show is the kinetic feature of this- each of those horizontal striations is free to rotate, giving the work multiple configurations and orientations. The event was capped a live performance by the band The Plastic People of the Universe. A band that did hard time under the Czechslovokian regime and was an inspiration to the leaders of the Velvet Revolution that made the Czech Republic democratic nation. I know- not exactly cycling related, but none the less interesting.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Podcast - 9/19/07

New podcast is up and waiting. It is the LAST time we will speak of the over/under topic. Desert Dog gets in the last word on the subject. I've got lots of Tour of Missouri swag so keep the emails coming and maybe you will be selected as the LOTW.

Also, no training questions this episode. We want some. We have at our disposal Cycling, Triathlon and Endurance Sport Coach Stephen McGregor, Ph.D from the Peaks Coaching Group. He is a power specialist and will answer your emailed questions on upcoming podcasts.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ToM Final Thoughts

Back from the first Tour of Missouri yesterday and integrating into normal life. When you travel on a big event you are in a bubble where the bike race is the only thing going on. Driving on closed roads, organized meals, massive crowds, press, team vehicles, athletes... it's hard to imagine there is anything else going on in the rest of the world sometimes. Anyway, here are some last, random images from the ToM in no particular order.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

First Things First

While the other John is in Missouri, this John has been moving south. Temporarily I will be without my beloved Man Cave. Apartment living doesn't allow for such luxuries. However, needs are needs and this is my solution for temporary Man Cave/ride set up area. Now just to figure out where to put a work bench, vice, reapir stand. The Two Johns equipment standards are only maintained by careful examination and testing. You may notice there are a few empty spaces...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Missouri love company

The start in Lebanon was mobbed with 1600 school kids! Each class picked out a team and studied that teams culture, language, geography, etc. The 5th grade class pictured here selected Spain's Prodir Saunier Duval team. The team was truly touched and is going to hang up this banner at their head quarters in Spain. The kids got some autographs and cycling caps for their efforts.

I rode in the Sparkasse car today. Here's a little on-road seat adjustment.

I spotted these Elvi (that's plural for Elvis) at the finish in Columbia.

For my mom. She went to Stephens.