Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Home Again

After a month plus overseas it is good to be back home. Back home too just in time for the last Ault Park race tonight. Teammate Pete broke his collarbone last week and will have the titanium plate reconstruction surgery tomorrow morning. Even though he is not racing tonight he still has enough series points to win the overall. Looks like we'll take at least 1 through 3 and maybe move someone up into 5th spot tonight. We'll keep you posted and, yes... we ARE planning on a new podcast tomorrow night!

A few last photos from France. After I was done with VSV I hung out with my friend Todd. He lives in China where he works for Trek and the Discovery Channel/Marco Polo Cycling Team.

Here we are riding around Lake Annency in the Alps.

And a last souvenir from the trip - a Adidas euro bathing suit and some killer tan lines.

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